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Maedchenrugby in Uganda:

September 2, 2013

„Meet Tag Rugby’s Youngest Coach Lucky Melan Nirere

At 7 years old Lucky boasts of a vast knowledge in Tag Rugby coaching and refereeing, she kicked off with playing Tag Rugby at age 2 as a baby panther later graduating to little Shark and currently a baby Wales. Tag Rugby media caught up with Lucky over the weekend at Kyadondo Rugby club and she said

“ I am a bit shy when l meet people for the first time but spending years in Tag Rugby has helped boost my confidence l have been to three tag rugby development training sessions it has helped lift my confidence while training kids at school. I am a tag rugby coach at St. Francis primary school Ntinda, Kigowa and l do referee all the mini games played at school. My request to the Tag Rugby office is for them to pay us a visit and enroll more coaches to assist with coaching and officiating at school tournaments” Lucky requested.

When asked about her best rugby players Lucky said she likes to run like Regina Athieno, side step like Helen Buteme and tackle like Brenda Kayiyi. The youngster had always wanted rugby after seeing her mentor and mother Fortunate Irankunda play, she requested for a rugby ball she donated to her school and tags as work first kicked off for her by training classmates before spreading to the whole stream and school. Born in 2006 October 30th, Lucky has also introduced tag rugby in the scouting fraternity.“

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Maedchenrugby in Italien

November 4, 2012

Am letzten Wochenende war ich in Parabiago, einem Vorort von Mailand.
Es fand ein Frauenturnier statt. Die Teams, in deren Jugend auch Maedchen spielten, waren aufgefordert, diese mitzubringen. So konnten 30 lombardische Maedchen (u14/u16) gemeinsam trainieren und ein kleines Turnier spielen.

Wo kann ich in Deutschland Frauenrugby spielen? Looking for a rugby team in Germany? « frauenrugby

Oktober 12, 2012

Wo kann ich in Deutschland Frauenrugby spielen? Looking for a rugby team in Germany? « frauenrugby.

Rugby-Girls-Training in Solingen

September 11, 2012

Re-blog von Totalrugby:

TotalRugby – Rugby-Girls-Training in Solingen.

Reminder: Rugby fuer alle Vol.2

Mai 15, 2012

Noch einige Plätze frei!

Am 30.6. um 10Uhr beginnt das diesjährige offene Frauentrainingslager „Rugby für Alle!“.

Schwerpunkt wird die Sturmarbeit sein.

Aber auch für Backs wird es reichlich zu tun geben.

Als Coaches stehen zur Verfügung:

Sturm: Richard „Taff“ Jones 

Hintermannschaft: Phil Davies

Ich könnt aber gerne eure Vereinstrainer mitbringen, es gibt sicher auch für diese noch etwas dazu zu lernen.

Wir trainieren auf dem Gelände der Mansergh Barracks in Gütersloh.

Anmeldungen bis 23.6. per Mail an: